Our Durable Packaging Options

Containers and Lids

Click here to learn more about EXT’s durable, thermoformed containers and lids that are used for a variety of applications and industries.


EXT’s standard and custom thermoformed pallets set the standard in performance. Click here to read about the benefits and customization options of EXT’s pallets.

Assembly/Conveyor Trays

EXT’s assembly and conveyor trays are designed for durability. Click here to learn more information about the various options we have to offer.

Custom Reusable Packaging

Custom designed and manufactured returnable/reusable packaging is a core competency at EXT. Click here to fill out our Returnable Packaging Questionnaire and to learn more about custom packaging.

Engine Transport Containers

EXT’s engine transport containers are the safest, cleanest methods for shipping engines and cores available. Click here to read more about the benefits of EXT’s engine transport containers.

Tier Sheets and Dividers

In addition to our other thermoformed products, EXT manufactures tier sheets and custom dividers. Click here to get more information on the process and available options.